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Nine reasons why Daystar University students have gone on strike
By Fay Ngina | Updated Nov 16, 2017 at 14:54 EAT
Daystar students on strike
  • Students from Daystar University in Athi River went on strike citing poor services and high fee tuition
  • The administration has however said that it is addressing the issues raised by the students

Daystar University students in Athi River and Nairobi campuses went on strike on Thursday 16 November over a number of complaints against the administration including high tuition fee.

"There is so much talk and no walk in the institution. They have very poor and pathetic services especially transport, food and health," said Carole Nduku a student from daystar.

The administration has however said that it is addressing the issues raised by the students. Here are the reasons why the students have gone on strike;

1. Misuse of funds

2. Complacency of senior management

3. A culture of fear and silence around the Vice Chancellor

4. Broken hostels and facilities

5. Students expected to use clinic yet the senior management does not

6. Everyone say “you can’t question the VC.” What happened to servant leadership?

7. The administration has refused to meet the students

8. Our barrazas are unnecessary

9. Since 2011 we’ve been talking about the same issues

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