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What President Uhuru and DP Ruto aims to do to unlock Kenya’s economic potential
By Peter Chemuigut | Updated Nov 14, 2017 at 12:27 EAT
Uhuru Kenyatta
  • President Uhuru six men will create road-map to reform Kenya economy and drive its towards a strong economic bases
  • The six men team is to give direct guide to the President on strategy and policy that impacts economic growth, job creation and productivity

President Uhuru Kenyatta is in process of picking inner dream team of persons to overhaul Kenya economy engine thereby unlocking its economic potential. Uhuru and his Deputy Ruto will also be retaining 10 best performing Cabinet Secretaries while adding 12 new Cabinet Secretaries in an inclusive model.


Kenyan debt is only 50 percent of GDP, many industrialized countries debt are more than double Kenya's. The US debt is 107 percent, however they spend only 8 percent of their revenue to service their debt while Kenya spend more than a third of revenue to service its debt.

Kenya revenue has grown by just over 11 per cent per year which works out to a double of revenue against a five-fold increase in debt service outlays. Getting onto debt is not hard, payoff is not. The best solution to correct this is by growing economy that generates more revenue at higher rate than debt.

In 2013, when President Uhuru took office, he picked well trained, highly educated men and women with exceptional experience. Just like infamous Richard Leakey Dream team of 1999, the selected Cabinet effort to kick-start the economy failed to bear expected fruits. Uhuru envisioned double-digit growth and moving Kenya to African economic powerhouse.

Kenya is under scrutiny for its growing debt at higher level than it can pay, this has caused moody rating to downgrade Kenya grades from B1 from B2. Political instability causes by extended electioneering and court election petition has added the pain. The team Uhuru will pick has to make firm decisions on averting these matters.

Team To Unlock Economic Potential

Reliable sources say President Uhuru is assembling an inner dream team that has the skills and the know how to initiate and manage reforms that will attract investment, improve easy of doing business, grow revenue and improve Kenya Image.

President Uhuru six men will create road-map to reform Kenya economy and drive it's towards a strong economic bases. The team will be composed of leaders with specific experience and knowledge on improving ease of doing business, expanding tax base and improving Kenya reputation.

Fulfilling potential of Kenya Economy is at the heart of those to hold the following. The position of Chief of staff of President & head of Public service, Commissioner General of KRA, PS Treasury, Attorney General, Cabinet Secretary of Transport, Cabinet Secretary of Lands.

Two names floated for Chief of Staff of President & head of Public Service is current solicitor general Njee Muturi and current PS for Interior Karancha Kibicho. Three names being looked at for Cabinet Secretary of Land is Peter Munya, Kioko Kilokumi and Senator Kidiki Kithuri.

Interesting Kioko Kilokumi or Abraham Sin'goei could end being next Attorney General, however Sin'goei has also been earmarked for Solicitor General.President might not change Commissioner General of KRA, PS Treasury, Cabinet Secretary of Transport. Just like Karancha Kibicho floated for Head of Public Service, the Commissioner General of KRA John Njirani poor performance could affect his chances.

The six men team is to give direct guide to the President on strategy and policy that impacts economic growth, job creation and productivity. The team brings the best, brightest, experienced in cutting the government red tape that is holding back businesses from investing, expanding, hiring, innovating and expanding Kenya.

Retain The Best & Resolve Inclusivity

On choosing next Cabinet Secretaries, President Uhuru wants to leave a great legacy while DP Ruto is focused in performance that translates to his succession politic. Ruto is keen to include those from opposition strong holds in Western, Ukambani and Coast region. 

The Cabinet will have 22 Cabinet Secretaries and according to an inside sources, out of current 19 only 10 will keep their jobs, which means the President will add new 12 new members. Uhuru and his deputy will have to balance inclusivity and performance in creating an excellent legacy for President Uhuru. 

Ten Cabinet Secretaries out of current 19 will keep their jobs due to their great performance, this includes Fred Matiang'i - Education, Charles Keter - Energy, Eugene Wamalwa - Water, Najib Balala - Tourism, Mwangi Kiunjuri - Devolution, Amina Mohamed - Foreign Affairs, Henry Rotich - Treasury, Adan Mohammed - Industrialization, Willy Bett of Agriculture and James Macharia -Transport.

Inside sources reveals that President Uhuru and DP Ruto will also appointed four people from the opposition to their Cabinet, this help resolve exclusivity complain that the opposition has been crying foul. What the insider on this matter unsure of is whether opposition leader will be engaged on that or will the President appoint without input of Rt Hon Raila Odinga.

Strategic Analyst argues that if President Uhuru and DP Ruto want to appoint members of the opposition, they should have the parties nominate people of their choice as long as they qualify.

Once the petition challenging Uhuru is out-of-the-way, President and his Deputy will retreat to finalize selecting 22 Cabinet secretaries. Before the retreat however, the President will have confirmed the inner dream team; the engine in unlocking Kenya economy.

Peter Chemuigut is Strategic Adviser and Commentator [email protected] 

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