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Judge exposes greedy clergymen
By The Grapevine | Updated Nov 13, 2017 at 07:59 EAT
The judge challenged the clergymen
  • Two clergymen went to court to fight over control over a church.
  • The judge surprised them by questioning their real motive behind the crux.
  • He told them off saying they were only fighting over leadership for selfish gains.

Two leading clergymen were stunned when they went to court seeking favourable orders to control a church when the judge became a preacher. He shocked the court when he pinned the two men demanding to know if they truly believed in the Almighty God.

The judge further demanded why each sought to lock out the other from a place of worship. The Judge further wanted to know whether the protagonists had prayed or sought God's intervention before filing cases in court to exclude their rivals.

The two are squabbling over the ownership and control of a church which has a sizeable following and is known for hefty tithes.

The judge shattered their hypocrisy when he dissected the case saying that the crux of the matter had nothing to do with prayers but who controlled the offertory by the faithful.

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