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7 major reasons you should dump your 'bad boy' boyfriend
By Brian Onyiego | Updated Nov 12, 2017 at 17:02 EAT
Bad boys do not commit to relationships
  • It is not clear why women have always wanted to date bad boys.
  • However, it is clear why every woman should stay clear of the bad boys since they do not add much value to life.

It is common for women to lust after the adventurous and spontaneous nature of bad boys.

Women lose themselves the moment a bad boy comes in the picture. Bad boys are described in blogs to be marvelous, macho, cocky which is the direct opposite of a gentleman.

Bad boys are just overrated and fall behind when it comes to treating women.

Here is why:

He is never serious

A bad boy is a loser when it comes to commitment, he is the kind of guy who will go Missing In Action the very moment you have planned a joint date to meet your parents. He is always unavailable physically and emotionally.

Plays hide-and-seek

He is hot and cold at the same time, you can never tell if the date at his place last night counted, cause he never called to ask for a repeat. He only sees you when he wants to just in-case you show up impetuously at his doorstep he will fake flu and shoo you away because he is waiting for his main chick.

His a player

A bad boy is so daring that he can date you and your two sisters without none of you suspecting and to make things worse he will ‘smash’ all of you and marry none of you.

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He is irresponsible

A bad boy sex you good, gives you a kid, waits till you deliver then ducks. Now you are at a risk of remaining a single mother for the rest of your life.

Throws tantrums

A bad boy will flare-up when caught pants down with another woman. He will deny and play a victim and even blame you for pushing him to do it.

You are never his priority

He would rather smoke weed and drink booze all day with his friends than spend the whole day listening and helping your college assignments. You only count when he feels he wants to have you around.

He will never marry you

It is hard to admit but it is the plain truth. What makes you think he will marry you if he is never serious, plays hide and seek, he is a player, irresponsible and throws tantrums when he is wrong. Making him marry you is close to zero.

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