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6 bedroom mistakes that break relationships
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Nov 12, 2017 at 10:22 EAT
A couple should bond in the bedroom
  • Couples need to do various things in order to keep their bond growing.
  • There are things that couple do that break them apart rather than building their relationship.
  • Some of these simple things can easily be avoided but ignoring them causes major breakups.

The bedroom is a sanctuary where every couple takes time to bond and make their relationship stronger. While there are many times when couples do their best to make things work, simple things done by any of the partners in the bedroom may make bonding harder.

These are the most common deal breakers for bedroom bonding;

Foregoing intimacy

It is likely for one person to feel tired and not in the mood for intimacy while their partner is asking for it. However, when this happens over a long period of time, the bond between them weakens. This is because intimacy brings a couple together.

Paying more attention to gadget

Technolgy plays a big role in our lives and it is almost impossible to make things work without that quick peep into one's phone. Carrying gadgets to the bedroom and checking emails causes a rift between partners. This is because affected partners feel like they have to compete for attention with gadgets from work.

Bringing work to the bedroom

The bedroom is where a couple bonds, makes love and sleeps. Talking about work, bills and all the other things that can be done outside the four walls defies the whole meaning of the bedroom. All talk that doesn’t work towards building a stronger relationship should be done in other places.

Getting too comfortable

It is normal for once to stop going extra miles to look good to their partners. In the beginning of a relationship, couples work hard to please their partners and it bears good results. With time, they get too familiar with each other, work creeps in and children and family take up all the time for personal affairs. This means that individuals stop looking good for each other. While a partner may not complain, they slowly start looking for options that will please them as they deserve.

Making intimacy a routine

There is a big difference between having sex and making love. A couple who have been at it for long stop seeing it as a big deal. They do not take their time to make their lovemaking sessions worthy. It becomes a duty that is better done with and this makes it tasteless. It is advisable that couple talk about their sex life, find out their likes and dislikes, talk about new ways to do it and always create adequate time for it.

Communication failure

One great thing about knowing one's partner is that one can easily please them and avoid getting into unnecessary fights. In relationships, partners have different wants depending on different situations. When a woman doesn’t feel like getting intimate she should let her partner know and vice versa. Failure to communicate this minute details with time cause big rifts with each arty second-guessing their partners.

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