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Witness in the Ranguma petition detained for calling female advocate
By Fay Ngina | Updated Nov 14, 2017 at 11:21 EAT
Witness detained for calling a female lawyer 'My d
  •  Yusuf Masoud, a witness in the Runguma Petition, was detained for calling a female lawyer "My dear"
  • The witness however apologized for using such words

A witness in former Kisumu governor Jack Ranguma’s petition against Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyongo’ was taken to the cells after he called the cross-examining advocate, Julie Soweto “my dear”.

The witness, Yusuf Masoud, was asked by the advocate why he did not include some information during the court process and that’s when he said, “I need not put everything I hear my dear”.

Mr Masoud apologized when the one of the judges, David Majanja, asked him to do so. However, when asked what he knew he was apologizing for, the witness said, “No, you just told me to apologize”.

Judge Majanja told the witness that such utterances are not allowed the court saying that women should be respected by referring to them using their full titles.

"There is language he uses in his bedroom and in court. Please, this a new Kenya where we respect women by not referring to them as 'dear' but by their titles and full names," said Judge Majanja

Judge Soweto asked the court officers to escort him to the cells to think about what he said. When he returned, he admitted to his mistake and apologized for it.

"I have realized I used words not accepted in court. I do apologize for using such words," said Mr Masoud.

The court later warned others not to use such terms.

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