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Five things your girlfriend has been hiding in her phone for years
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Oct 19, 2017 at 14:33 EAT
Young woman texting on her smartphone

A girl's phone is one of the most important things in her life

Everything that has ever happened in her life is probably stored in the phone

The introduction of smartphones brought about so many good things.

From ease of communication to easy access to services, smartphones really added value to the life we live.

However, the easily available technology also brought about many snags. Top of the list is their ability to murder relationships. Who would have thought that the flashy birthday present you bought your girlfriend could be the beginning of your troubles?

One of the ways people break their relationship is by accessing their partners’ phones and bumping into things they shouldn’t.

Here are things you are likely to find hidden in your lady’s phone:


Pictures and messages from the past

Women are known to get emotionally attached to almost everything. It shouldn’t surprise you that she has a picture of her kissing her boyfriend from 10 years ago. Worry not, she just can’t bring herself to delete it. Her chats with her previous boyfriend are not a sign that he is better than you, she is still musing over why she was even with him.



This is one feature of the smartphone that came in favour of women. They want to keep a record of every conversation they had, including with you for later reference. The screenshots you find of the conversations between the both of you, even from months ago shouldn’t freak you out. She might have taken them to share with her girls.


Girls night out

As much as they tell their partners about it, women will not give full details of what happens on their girls night outs. Luckily, they hide photos from the occasions on their phone. She will keep that folder from you since there are things she won’t want you to see from the night.


Flirty chats

We all agree that even if she is with you, several other men will once in a while try throwing lines at her. If you do not acknowledge that then you probably don’t deserve her. While she may not entertain them, she is human. She enjoys the feeling that someone out there thinks she is fabulous. If she receives a chat of this nature, chances are she will hide it somewhere in her phone. It will be her side motivation.


Porn related stuff

Society has it that although porn is bad, men are allowed to peep in once in a while. What society doesn’t know is that women too love to keep themselves in the know by perusing through some. As much as she won’t show hints, your girl probably has a folder in her phone under the name work that has all her fantasies wrapped.


It is wrong to go through your partner’s phone, especially if she doesn’t know. However, if you happen to do and bump into these things, do not be quick to judge and accuse. As much as they are hidden, your girl doesn’t mean any harm especially not to you.

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