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Drama as NASA MP furiously storms out of TV studio over unpleasant tweet

Rarieda Member of Parliament Otiende Amollo angrily walked out of a live TV interview on Tuesday, 17th October over an unpleasant tweet purportedly by Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wa.

The Rarieda MP seemed disgusted with the fact of sharing a platform with Ichung’wa, whose Twitter account was suspended after the tweet.

The two feuding MP’s were to join Miguna Miguna and Kiambu Senator Kimani wa Wamatangi in a discussion on the political impasse in the country.

“I will not sit in a panel with Kimani Ichung'wa because he sent a tweet that I find completely offensive. A tweet that suggests that is ok to maim and kill Luos. If he appears here I will walk out," Otiende told Ken Mijungu.

The minute Ichung’wa walked in the studio, Otiende Amollo walked out, staying true to his word.

The Kikuyu MP has however denied that the account belonged to him, saying that he is the process of getting his verified.

 “That's not my Twitter account. I only have one Twitter account. I am in the process of having it verified. I even suspect these fake accounts are being created and operated by NASA propagandists. To the Luo nation, if there is someone you will never find fuelling ethnic hate, it's Kimani Ichung'wa,” said the Kikuyu MP.