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Six major reasons why women are going for younger men
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Oct 15, 2017 at 11:40 EAT
Age is no longer a factor
  • Women have started to go out with men younger than them.
  • While many people may frown upon this, women seem to have found several reasons to go this way

I have heard so much talk about women dating older men, usually for the financial security that comes with it. This is usually left for university girls, as everybody is eager to point out. But what happens to them when they graduate, secure good jobs and become their own stability?

I ventured and found out the now not young ladies turn to the young men they had previously ignored. At first I was about to join the judging wagon and join the society in branding this new trend all the possible bad names, but then I sat back and said, why not?

There’s so much reason as to why these women, now stable want the company of young men.


Younger men are ready to go places that will leave them totally drained. Unlike men in the older bracket, whose adventure idea is dinner lit candles, these young men are willing to climb any terrain, swim the strongest current, surf the strongest waves and such in the spirit of adventure with their lady.

What else then, could a financially stable lady in her prime want other than to literally ride the back of this fully charged, energy filled companion during a nature walk?

Less baggage

After a tiring day in the career field, what everyone needs is a person they can unravel onto. If a woman finds a younger love, then this creates the best situation for her.

While coming home to a man of their age, or older, may offer a listening ear, a younger man definitely has lesser responsibilities to worry about. This means he can sit still and wait for his woman to vent long enough without whining his own.

High end sex game

Research suggests that women, unlike men hit their sex prime later. It is proved that a 30 year old woman’s stamina will most likely match that one of her 20 year old counterpart. This then is a free pass to allowing this woman to have the perfect relationship of her life, at that time.

To top this up, younger men are likely to have a fresh looking body with new energy and attitude. While their lack of financial stability counts, it’s easier for women to overlook this and go for the six pack and crazy bed sessions.

Eager to try out new things

With the internet feeding people all sorts of things, people are bound to want to try some in their relationships. While an older man may not make use of the internet, or may have reservations on some adventure shared, the younger generation may be willing to go miles on to try new things out. This adds spice to the already hot affair.

High dopamine level

The great sex life associated with the fresh energy and great body comes a reward; dopamine. This is a way of the brain reacting to good stuff. Dopamine, just like drugs is highly addictive and so when one is in a relationship where there is high levels of this reward, they are bound to go to do everything it takes to keep it.

Unlike older men, young men will appreciate dopamine and hence adore their source. This will mean more dedication to keeping things going and so they will spend more time with their women. Older men, having less dopamine levels will prefer going out to attend to business and only come home when it really is necessary.


The modern woman has a job that involves travel and meeting many people on her way. If she is involved in a relationship with a man of her age or slightly older, she is bound to answer to many things. This will arise from the questions the committed man ask about whereabouts, about who she is taking her business trip with, about where she intends to spend the night when on assignments among others.

On the other hand, the younger man, ready to spend time with friends may not worry much about his lady’s whereabouts until she is around and calls for his attention. This allows the women time to indulge in personal time without drafting a list of explanations for later.

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