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How to make love to your spouse without having sex
By Dayan Masinde | Updated Nov 15, 2017 at 12:35 EAT
A couple making love
  • Couples should learn how to make love to their spouses more often than having normal sex
  • Making love helps partners to feel more connected during intimacy

Fall on our bed my love Like you did when you fell in love with me ​ The horns of my fingers are horny

Horny to touch you

I am aroused my love Not for your sex, but for your embrace Come lie on the bed with me

This is not an invitation for sex

Make love to me without having sex Hide here in my arms and I hide in yours Squeeze me till all I pour are unseen tears

Take me to a place where I can put my shield down

Take me to a place we just lay in silence Shh.. don't say a word Words will ruin this moment Listen only. Listen to my one heart beating for only you

Breathe to my ear, look deep into my eyes See yourself in me, get lost in the forest of my eye lashes Don't kiss me, place your nose near mine Share my oxygen

Every night I find you sexy But tonight let's keep sex out of the equation My wife, tonight just hold me Your husband needs you

Each day I show the strong side of me Tonight my Queen My vulnerable side is putting up a show for you My spirit, my mind, my hold calls out for you

Don't tell me you love me, show it to me Feel it with me; don't swim my love, drown Forget the world, let go of every worry Love is now in session, do not disturb

Forgive me for the times I have fallen short Your shortcomings will not keep us from being long-lasting My love, look at me, I still need you Tighten your grip, you're not losing me

Make love to me without having sex Penetrate deep inside me till you reach my inner being I want no other woman, I am a taken man Take me to sleep in your arms, bearing all my secrets

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