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Seven strange reasons why men prefer unprotected sex
By Hillary Gisore | Updated Mar 04, 2018 at 12:20 EAT
A couple making out
  • The hormonal balance in men makes them more sexually active than women.
  • There are many reasons why men engage in unprotected sex.

Scientifically men are hypersexual than women.This is because they don't have fluctuating hormones like women.The hormonal balance in men makes them more sexually active than women. This giant sexual drive prompts them to engage in more sexual activities. 

Most men find themselves biologically lust-driven because it's tough to turn on self-control when sexually aroused; a good reason why men make unwise decisions when their sexual desire has hit rooftop.They can do anything to cool down or feel at ease and a good number of them end up engaging in unprotected sex only to feel guilty once their sexual pangs go away.

The following are reasons that trigger men to engage in unprotected lovemaking.

It makes them more intimate

Sex is a tough topic to write about or talk of. But guys claim that going rubberless makes them feel closer to their partners.They feel their souls are connected and are tied together.Unprotected sex blends them hence enhancing their sexual chemistry.

Men shy away buying rubbers

Honestly, this can be relatable.Those moments when a man walks into a shopping center and orders for them then he freezes down.The strange eyes that stare at you as if you have a bantam of tissue paper with pee glued to your shoes will melt you down. Ask any man and he will tell you how it feels to buy condoms from a shop. So guys end up risking only to regret minutes later.

It spices up their trust level

Some men claim their women will blaze at them with the deadliest tempest when they go protected. They say their partners think they have drifted their loyalty or they are seeing other women hence they dread passing along a sexually transmitted disease. This is because the man wants to prove that the female gender wrong, they freak out and do it anyway to redeem their trust rating.

Some men are naive and don't know how to use rubbers

This can happen in any country with no sexual education offered in schools. We use rubbers to fortify us from catching a disease or making somebody pregnant' and for one not to catch any sexual infections, there should be no contact with any bodily fluid. So you were also wrong on how to use them wisely and not for the sake of it

Men claim rubbers make sex less interesting

The tiny protection around the penis can speed down things, some men say.They say rubbers reduce the sensitivity and make lovemaking drab.They say rubbers halt their ability to ejaculate quickly, forcing them to go an extra mile.

The latex makes them uncomfortable

Some men say the squeezing and friction make the use of rubbers painful.This holds them back from being more intimate and effective.

Men say their partners complain of hurt and pain

Most men claim that their partners always raise alarm when things get rough while fortified for the occasion.Women allude that latex hurts them hence, killing their sexual thrill.

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