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Nine things that make a woman always think about you
By Brian Onyiego | Updated Sep 19, 2017 at 14:58 EAT
She can always think about you

It is sometimes impossible to make a woman think about you all the time

However, playing your cards right could get you up in her mind all day

Men get rejected by women not only because there is something that is an immediate turn-off but also because there are qualities most men lack, ending up worshipping the same ground ladies walk on.

Many men are always available, indecisive, have weak personalities amongst others qualities that many women do not desire.

Here are tips that will take you on the top of the chain

Have strong willpower and Directness

Women love men who know what they want, are able to express themselves clearly without fear or intimidation and are bold to make decisions.

Show Supremacy

You want women to gaze at you whenever you get in a room? Immediately you get in a room, demonstrate authority as you speak and with some physical power.

Mysterious and unpredictable

Women are attracted to men who are versatile and have qualities that arouse curiosity.

Have sense of Entitlement

Men claim what they want with boldness and show ownership to what is theirs compared to feeling unworthy or feeling that you insufficient.

Be Exciting

Stay adventurous and interesting. Go for a hike in Mount Kilimanjaro and post it intentionally on your social media and when you meet up talk about how breathtaking is zip lining and see how her eyes will roll.

Freedom and selfishness

Do what you want without asking for her approval. Always be reserved and be focused.


Careless about what others say and think about you, be less reactive when mocked or criticized and never try too hard to justify your actions. Therefore, pay less attention to the crowd if you want to attract women.

Be A Teaser

Stay confident

Finally, you cannot do all the above without confidence on your sleeves. For a first-timer, it will look difficult and will strange from the inside, but practice makes perfect.

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