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Miguna Miguna's response to advocate Otiende Amollo is the best thing you'll read all day
By Fay Ngina and Abongo Robert | Updated Sep 14, 2017 at 10:56 EAT
Miguna Miguna and Otiende Amollo (inset)
  • Miguna Miguna responded to Otiende Amollo's tweet after the advocate praised him for his actions
  • Miguna spotted a typo in the tweet and corrected it sarcastically

Miguna Miguna is one of the most popular politicians when it comes to responding to people on social media. He is also known to be vocal and outspoken even during his interviews on television stations.

Miguna vied for Nairobi gubernatorial seat in the August 8 elections but lost to former Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko.

Commissioner Omollo Otiende, on his Twitter handle praised Miguna as one of the few politicians who trend for the right reasons. 

He has been advocate for the High Court of Kenya for over 17 years and also represented Raila Odinga at the Supreme Court during the presidential election petition proceedings.

In response to Otiende''s tweet, Miguna single out a typo which changed the meaning of what the advocate was trying to say and then corrected him.

Miguna Miguna is one among the few Kenyans who trend on twitter for doing the right thing. I love his non fearless approach of situations.— Otiende Amollo (@otiendeamo) September 12, 2017

Thanks, Counsel. But there is a typo in your Tweet: "non fearless" means "fearful." I'm sure you meant "fearless." Cheers & viva! #PressPass— Dr. Miguna Miguna (@MigunaMiguna) September 12, 2017

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