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Elders forced notorious politician to end love affair with opposition
By Grapevine | Updated Sep 14, 2017 at 07:50 EAT
A broken heart
  • A politician recently fumed saying that he was rigged in the elections
  • He also declared that he had changed sides and went to the oppositon 

During the party primaries last year, a certain politician with questionable past and who has been in police's bad books made some history of sorts. This is after he changed parties faster than one would change handkerchiefs and made history of sorts.

We are told that a certain politician recently fumed that he was rigged and declare that he had changed sides. No sooner had he made announcement some elders went into a high level consultations and decreed that if the politician had any future plans he had better change his renounce his dalliance with the opposition.

The politician, so we hear was later talked to by some powerful forces and told the nation that he had reconsidered his stand. Consequently our politician almost beat the four hour record set by his predecessor but he missed it by for days.

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