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Women cry during love making? Here are 15 things that can make a grown woman cry
By Fay Ngina | Updated Sep 11, 2017 at 10:24 EAT
A woman crying
  • There are many reasons why women cry everyday
  • Women can cry when they are happy or when they are sad

1. Fatigue

When she carries a lot on her shoulders over a long period of time, it can overwhelm her and she breaks down. When she does, hold her and help her carry the load.

2. Things not going her way

She can give her all and still things don't go well and she cries with the thought of giving up. When she does, hear herrnout and encourage her.

3. Worship

The worship of God can sometimes become intensely personal and she can't help but tear up. When she does, worship with her and marvel at the purity of her spirit.

4. Misunderstanding

When she tries her best to do right but still people misunderstand her and judge her, she can get emotional. When she does, cover her, show her you get her.

5. A good past memory

If she lost someone special to death; whether a parent, a sibling, a friend or even her child; that memory can be heavy on her heart. When she does, help her to mourn.

6. A bad past memory

If something bad happened to her in the past; whether she was raped, physically abused or heart broken, occasionally it might resurface and she cries, especially if she feels it affected who she is today. When she does, soothe her, tell her there is more to her life than what happened.

7. Physical pain

It could be periods, an injury, and an illness. When she does cry, empathize and take care of her.

8. Emotional pain

When a woman feels that her emotions are not being taken care of, especially by someone close to her, she might cry.When she does, address the root cause, apologize, tell her that her pain matters to you.

9. Love making

Yes, sometimes love making when done in a pure way and done out of love, she might tear up. When she does, cherish that moment with her.

10. A moment of humanity

Someone can reach out to her and touch her in a big way that her eyes well up or in the process of her touching lives, the fulfillment can lead to a bursting of tears. When she does, appreciate the beauty of her spirit.

11. Sweet surprises

When you surprise her or do something good for her that she didn't expect, she might tear up. When she does, with loving words, tell her how much she means to you.

12. An emotional connection

She can watch a movie, or listen to a song that speaks to her heart so deeply that she gets emotional. When she does, feel the moment with her.

13. Victimization

If she feels she is being treated unfairly by her family, her friends, her boss, her workmates, she might break down. When she does, help her to stop feeling sorry for herself.

14. Fear that you two are drifting apart

If she senses that things between you two are falling apart, she might express how scared she is through tears. When she does, assure her that you're not going away.

15. Rest after much struggle

If she finally gets the victory or breakthrough she has praying and working so hard for, she might cry. When she does, show her you understand how much this means to her.

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