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Anita Nderu can’t speak Kiswahili? – Kenyans on Twitter have no chills
By Ureport | Updated Aug 23, 2017 at 12:22 EAT
Radio Presenter Anita Nderu

Mobile app Saraha has got Radio Presenter Anita Nderu on the lips of Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) again

The Radio Presenter claimed to know Kiswahili language but was not fluent when speaking, creating an interesting conversation on Twitter

Once again, Kenyans on Twitter, commonly referred to as KOT are on another celebrity’s throat again, this time, celebrated Radio Presenter Anita Nderu.

The new social media app Sarahah has truly mini-revolutionised the way online communities speak.

Word is that Anita responded to a question on the app, saying that she was not very good in Kiswahili and this wasn’t swallowed well by the KOT.

As usual, whatever reaction she would make past that would fuel some type of resistance or backing from KOT, this time, not the latter.

“Trying to convince anyone you don’t know Swahili just makes you a p***. Keep it real,” was one of the comments on Twitter that seemed to touch a nerve on Anita.

She replied saying she knows the language, but isn’t very fluent, along with some vulgar words.

Ciru Muriuki, fellow Presenter tried to calm Anita down with a tweet, telling her to ignore the haters and focus on herself.

Anita, however, had no chills as she took critics head on.

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