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Analogue county boss gives associates headache over phone use
By Ureport | Updated Aug 22, 2017 at 16:09 EAT
He immediatley goes MIA when he visit his county
  • A county boss is giving his colleagues headaches whenever he visits his county
  • He refuses to pick up calls from colleagues and can go up to a week without communicating on phone to anyone

We are learning that one particular governor has been giving his minders and associates nightmares whenever he ventures into his county.

The governor who is reputed to have invested in real estate and private hospitals in and out of the county and country and outside the country is averse to mobile.

Every time he leaves his office, he goes without a phone and he has been known to go for up to a week for meet the people tour.

During his long absences especially when he visits the remote part of his county, the security and his office are worried for they know not how to get in touch with him in the event of an emergence.

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