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Arrogant former MP abandoned by guards, loses VIP treatment after election loss
By Ureport | Updated Aug 22, 2017 at 14:58 EAT
Police escort and driver abandoned MP

The 2017 General Election has seen some big names in Kenyan politics humbled by new entrants who have new ideas

It is now said that the lawmaker disappeared after his security detail abandoned him - days after losing elections

A former lawmaker in Mt Kenya region has gone into hiding after his police escort and driver abandoned him after he lost in the general election.

The first term politician was left in a hotel reception as the counting of votes was under way where the management demanded he clears the pending bills amounting to Sh 25,000.

After he cleared his bills that included for accommodation and meals, the management ordered its employees that in future 'mheshimiwa' should pay in cash as credit facility that had been accorded to him was no more.

The former lawmaker started facing humiliations after signs emerged he was losing the election.

The escorts who claimed they had suffered described his defeat as a relief to their families after having suffered in employment.

One was overheard saying he would concentrate on their personal matters after having been engaged in the past three years.

Grapevine learnt that the former MP had secured the trust of the hotel after he was rejected in other facilities in town over his alleged arrogance and failure to honour bills.

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