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Raila Odinga revealed a lot in his speech on NASA's next move
By Abong'o | Updated Aug 17, 2017 at 12:43 EAT
NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga
  • The National Super Alliance (NASA) has announced that the coalition has resolved to go to court to challenge IEBC's decision of announcing Uhuru Kenyatta as president.
  • Raila Odinga stated that he intends to let the world know how the IEBC system was hacked - leading to the making of computer generated leaders

Seven judges have been tasked with handling, and coming up with a solution on the dispute over presidential results after the National super Alliance (NASA) decided to file a petition challenging the results at the Supreme Court.

With the petition deadline set to Friday August 18th, Raila Odinga, the NASA flag bearer revealed that after thorough deliberations, the coalition decided to challenge the ‘making of computer generated leaders’ in Supreme Court.

NASA disputed the results of the presidential election as announced by IEBC, claiming that the system had been hacked and figures manipulated in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s favour.

Though they had stated that they don’t intend to go to court before, the raids on AfriCoG and Kenya Human Rights Group prompted NASA to reveal to the world what they kept referring to as ‘computer generated’ leadership.

“We had said we will not go to court. But with the raid on civil society and determination to silence all voices that could seek legal redress like AfriCOG and the Kenya Human Rights Commission, we have now decided to move to the Supreme Court and lay before the world the making of a computer-generated leadership,” said Raila

Raila has questioned the IEBC on why results from the polling stations were transmitted directly to the national tallying centre without scanned form 34As and 34Bs.

IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba sent a letter to NASA saying that the commission was not able to send all the form 34As as quickly as NASA wanted.

The NASA head also described the manner in which IEBC results changed on screens as bizzare, questioning why Uhuru Kenyatta maintained a constant 11 per cent lead since tallying began.

For Kenyans who went to the streets to celebrate the win, it is not yet Uhuru as the wait for the Supreme Court decision begins.

On the other hand, here are four key excerpts from Raila Odinga’s speech which reveal his stance on the whole issue and the basis of taking the case to court.

“This is just the beginning. We will not accept and move on…”

“We have now decided to move to the Supreme Court and lay before the world the making of a computer generated leadership…”

They cooked numbers to the extent that vote tallies often surpassed registered voters in polling stations...”

We refuse to sit and watch Jubilee turn our country into a banana republic and a playground…”

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