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Let NASA, Jubilee leaders accept poll outcome for the sake of peace
By Mwangi Njuguna | Updated Aug 12, 2017 at 09:53 EAT
NASA leaders brief the media
  • President Uhuru Kenyatta was announced the winner of the presidential election 2017, earning him another 5 years in office
  • NASA, however, disputed the poll results, with allegations of hacking and vote manipulation being thrown at the IEBC

During the campaigns IEBC assured the country of credible elections. However, NASA haboured fears of the elections being rigged by Jubilee. On the other hand Jubilee leaders campaigned frantically for a second term. If Jubilee was hatching a plot to steal votes, they would not have restlessly campaigned.

I strongly believe the elections conducted by the Chebukati-led IEBC are credible. NASA and Jubilee leaders should exercise sobriety as the country awaits for announcement of the winner of the presidential election. They should accept the outcome for the sake of peace in the country. All parties demands were met by IEBC before the elections hence the counter accusations should stop. Mohamed A Sheikh, Nairobi

Kenya has for the first witnessed high profile election observers in the hotly contest General Election. The observers have given IEBC a clean bill of health despite accusations by NASA. This time round the electronic equipment did not fail like in 2013, a situation that ensured smooth voting.

Indeed IEBC has done a commendable job and Jubilee and NASA should give the commissioners time to compile and verify the results before they announce the final winner. The commission has been transparent enough in display of election results and has even allowed various party agents access to documents. NASA should wait for the verification of results to end instead of complaining over provisional results. Incessant claims by NASA over the electoral process only serve to raise tension. Emma Nandayi, Kakamega

The statement by NASA leaders giving contradictory results from what is on the IEBC website is unfortunate. This is not good for the country coming at a time when voters are waiting for the announcement of the winner of the presidential results.

If NASA leaders have evidence of irregularities in the election outcome they should go to court and present the same instead of calling for press conferences.

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