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HII UNGA YOTE? Supporters feast on meat and ugali to celebrate possible Uhuru win [PHOTOS]
By David Guchuru | Updated Aug 11, 2017 at 11:59 EAT
Nyeri residents cook ugali to celebrate win
  • With the IEBC results still trickling in, some people in parts of Kenya have started celebrating their candidates' wins
  • Nyeri residents brought 'nyama' back to life, as supporters feasted on meat and ugali, celebrating President Uhuru Kenyatta's retention of the presidency

President Uhuru Kenyatta stirred controversy when, during ex-minister William Ole Ntimama's burial, he said Jubilee would continue eating meat as their opponents salivate.

His rivals made it a major campaign issue, saying Uhuru had ensured just a few people enjoy the national cake, through graft and illegal tenders, as other Kenyans suffer.

And when the result of August 8th 2017 elections indicated Uhuru was leading his main challenger Raila Odinga with a huge margin, Jubilee supporters as Josca market in Nyeri town had no better way to celebrate Uhuru's likely win than eating meat.

They cooked lots of meat and ugali and served anyone who passed by.

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