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Randy bishop caught seducing pregnant sister in-law (PHOTOS)
By Moses Sammy | Updated Aug 03, 2017 at 12:20 EAT
Bishop receives beating from wife

There was drama at a residential plot within Skuta area after a randy bishop was caught seducing his pregnant sister in-law in her house. Bishop Timothy Wanyoike of Jesus Excellence Centre - Nyeri was accosted by his wife Margaret after seeing text messages from her husband to her sister in-law that he wished to sleep with her.

After being told that the brother in-law was told that he was already in the house and making out with he stormed his house descending upon him with blows and clubs after his explanation he was there to mitigate in their domestic quarrels in his absence fell on deaf ears.

The bishop fled on foot after a thorough beating from both his wife and brother in-law. In his defence, the Bishop said he had been called by the sister-in-law to help her in solving the domestic issue, but unfortunately his presence was misunderstood.

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