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Kenyans need to know the people behind the mysterious deaths that have happened in Kenya
By KEVIN OJIAMBO | Updated Aug 01, 2017 at 09:58 EAT
Chris Msando
  • Kenya has had a series of deaths from politicians to businessmen and yet the people responsible are yet to be revealed.
  • IEBC ICT Manager Chris Msando's body was found at the City Mortuary after being tortured and body dumped in Kikuyu, Kiambu.

June 18th 2012 at around 9 am Kenyan Politician and internal security minister George Saitoti’s dies after the Eurocopter AS350 helicopter crash killing him, his assistant Joshua Ojode and four others at Kibiku area of Ngong forest. 

April 27th 2013, Kenyan politician and education minister Mutula Kilonzo dies in his sleep at his farm bordering Manzoni lodge on Mombasa road, Machakos County. 

May 15th 2016, Kenyan businessman Jacob Juma is assassinated in his car at Ngong’ by unknown gunmen. 

July 8th 2017, Kenya’s internal security minister and politician major general Joseph Ole Nkaissery dies at Karen hospital in Nairobi. 

Most recent case being the death of the instrumental ICT manager of Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Chris Musando where it’s alleged he was tortured, killed and his body dumped at Kikuyu off Waiyaki way. 

The list is endless if one decides to go deeper but the question is, where do these tragedies disappear to? 

Yeah, I know this question is a cliché but as long as it keeps rising more complex questions that are hardly ever answered believe me the citizens will never stop asking but the reality is that individuals who the citizens expect sincere responses from are just like those rats that couldn’t put the bell on the cat’s collar, for they fear to start paying taxes to the heavens before their time.

Death is the new life to politicians, businessmen, the rich and the poor who die mysteriously each day in the country. I miss the good old days where death came far much later. Anyway enough is enough, we are tired of reading emotional headlines each time we buy a newspaper or watch the television, I know nobody's perfect but I believe we can create our own perfection and it all starts with me and you. 

So what's next for Kenya, August 8th?

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