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Pastor ruthlessly beats up nephew for playing with his bicycle
By Nesh Kinywa | Updated Jul 29, 2017 at 07:38 EAT
He beat up his nephew for riding his bicycle
  • In Ebutongoi-Emuhaya, Luanda constituency, a kid was rescued by villagers from the hands of his furious uncle after the uncle caught him riding his bicycle while he was away spreading the gospel.

The incident left most people dumbfounded, summoning a huge gathering – which made it clear that the pastor was wrong to beat up his nephew.

"How comes a whole clergy can beat this young kind for having fun with his bicycle?" Asked one of the witnesses.

The pastor told the crowd that his nephew had developed a habit of taking the bicycle without his permission and that he feared he might damage it.

This kid takes time while I’m away to play around with my bicycle and he will damage it," said the pastor.

Villagers were alarmed by the prolonged beating and screams, suggesting the little boy was under unbearable pain. He was left with deep-stroke marks on his body and the uncle promised not to beat him again.

"I will not discipline my nephew that hard again," the clergy said.

A few villagers condemned the action, urging the church leader to set a good example of living an exemplary life. "These church leaders should show us heavenly ways. If they fail on how to live in their homes, which heaven are they promising us?" asked one of the witness known as Maasai Mmoja wa Luanda.

One of the neighbours’ was heard saying that the uncle is used to beating the child for simple and silly mistakes. 

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