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How witchcraft in its crazy nature is widely celebrated in Kenya
By Ureporter | Updated Jul 22, 2017 at 13:16 EAT
A man undergoes a witches ritual

Witchcraft is demonised and condemned in a country with two main religious outfits, Christianity and Islam. However, social rot leaves the society at crossroads, confused on what they stand for.

In a recently publicised occurrence, a crowd in Molo were in jubilation after a man started eating grass after stealing a cow. Nothing to them was important than catching the thief and watching him become a cow - eating grass. Some were so excited that they brought him kales to see if indeed he could enjoy with relish. The manner in which photos were taken and videos recorded will remain in every Kenyan’s mind. He is on everybody's lips, including the other thieves!

In other words, witchcraft is celebrated and its consequences upheld highly in a place where everyone flocks the church on Sunday, beseeching to be forgiven! But who am I to judge? Maybe riding high on the philosophy of ‘the end justifies the means’ is their best bet.

It's true, no one in their right mind would risk stealing anything in the area, at least not yet. So the cases of reaping where one did not sow have been checked, thanks to witchcraft! People will not engage in the activity, not because of the morality of it being right or wrong but because of fear. Fear of getting bewitched! Hail our civilisation in the 21st century! And more so, in a metropolitan area.

If this is the reflection of the entire nation, aren't we a doomed society? What are we showing our next generation? Revenge, witchcraft, instilling fear rather than logic and oh, we are a sick society! Change is on everybody's lips, I don't and I won't hail the thieves at any level. In fact, a thief is a merciless creature who deserves the best punishment. Laziness is a complete package that leads to all evils, especially accompanied by greed.

If the reckoning comes to thieves, let the so called punishment befall the multi-million dollar thieves who empty the public coffers! I suppose it wouldn't be a bad thing to graze and take videos of our honourable thieves.

I fancy the scene would be a good reminder to the admirers of the public enemies of what awaits them if they dare touch what belongs to us, the majority. Not that I propose the age old practice, never. My point is that let there be a good downfall of evil, through morals, appropriate punishment and putting into practice the numerous values in the teachings of our Holy Books and philosophies. Let us know what to do with our jobless graduates and the other youths to keep them off fancying shortcuts to getting wealth and risking the arms of the witches!

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