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Feeling stuck in life, here is how to overcome it
By Daniel Koros | Updated Jul 14, 2017 at 15:30 EAT
A depressed man

Everyday you wake up feeling awkwardly stuck in life and not moving on, you seem to be in the same position you were yesterday. Years go by, and you realize you need a total change as far as your life is concerned. Having been in the same predicament as you, here are a few tips that can inspire you.

1. Change the mindset Your life revolves around your thoughts

Psychologists argue that what you think is what you make out of you. Aspire to be optimistic and not being pessimistic. Think positively about life and you'll achieve positive results and achievements in your life.

2. Grow up in God

Follow the right commands of God because when the going gets tough, the best friend you can talk to is your creator who understands your destiny. Read the Bible or the Quran(for our Muslim brothers); be prayerful and fast with the help of a mentor like the church leader, pastor, Bishop to name just but a few.

3. Routine changes

You need to get out of the comfort zone. If it's the environment you should change, so be it. You should get rid of some characters in your life that seems to add no value. The friends you hang out with, the places you frequently visit, the media you consume, the mode of dressing and so forth.

4. Be humble & gentle

Humility and gentleness are some of the characters you should learn to exercise as you rebrand yourself.

5. Accept and move on

Avoid dwelling so much in the past. Let bygones be bygones and let it be an experience so that you can help out another person who may be feeling or going through the same predicament as you.

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