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Boy selling samosa at local market lands Senator Khalwale in sharp criticism from Kenyans
By Joseph Sosi | Updated Jun 18, 2017 at 09:39 EAT
Senator Boni Khalwale chews sugarcane

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale while on his campaigns for the county governor’s seat at Khumusalaba area met a young boy selling Samosa so as to help cater for the family needs.

Apparently the school boy’s father was in the vicinity as the senator stopped having to find out why the boy was on the streets with a bucket carrying several not so well cooked samosas for sell.

In the area, a samosa goes for Sh5 only, meaning it would take the boy hard work and luck for him to sell as much as can help get at Sh150 that they would use to buy a 1 Kilograms tin of maize.

A majority of the locals there do not prefer buying sifted maize flour as it is believed to be ‘not good enough’ for ugali.

The Senator gave the boy Sh20, 000 in a stop him from selling the few samosas he had been left with and at this time the boy’s dad was readily available to escort him home.

The senator had this posted on his social media pages, but as usual Kenyans on twitter never stopped to bash hi for making it public.

Red T-shirt man walks home with his boy after I gave th boy 20,000/- today to stop him from selling family samosas 4 a living at Khumusalaba pic.twitter.com/mvjAxxhKOB— Boni Khalwale (@KBonimtetezi) June 17, 2017

He had left his left hand know of the merciful deeds his right hand was sinking in as one elicited,

My friend Senator, When you do merciful deeds, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand does.— Ike Kenneth (@IkeOjuok) June 17, 2017

Some felt it was not right for the senator to ask the boy to abandon the hustle arguing that the money could only do so little for such a poor family, suggesting that it would have been prudent enough had he asked them to expand the business and have the parents running it as he goes to school.

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