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'RIchest' football match to be played today
By ANODE RUSSEL | Updated May 29, 2017 at 14:59 EAT
Play-off trophy

The 'richest' game in football which is the 170 million pound fixture will be played in Wembley stadium today.

 Huddersfield Town A.F.C. will be battling with Reading FC to play in the premier league next season.

They will be hoping to join Newcastle United and Brighton for promotion to the top flight league.

Huddersfield will be gunning to play in the premier league for the first time in 45 years while reading was relegated in 2013

Reading finished third in the Championship while Huddersfield finished fifth.

Reading scored 12 more goals than their opponents Huddersfield and finished the league with a positive goal difference while Huddersfield had a negative 2 goal difference.

Reading is currently having a good run of form unlike their opponents in the last 10 matches.

Reading have made it to the final after beating Fulham 2-1 on aggregate while Huddersfield beat Sheffield Wednesday on penalties

The winner of the playoffs will see a rise in revenue of 170 million pounds, which will rise to 290million pounds if they survive relegation in their first season.

Last season play-off winners were Hull city who defeated Sheffield Wednesday to secure promotion could not survive the fall

The game kicks off at 5pm 

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