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Tanzanian witch doctors arrive in Kenya for political reasons
By Paul Baraza | Updated May 19, 2017 at 15:17 EAT
Witch doctor working his magic
As the August 8th General Election draws near Kenyan politicians are doing everything possible to emerge victorious in the forthcoming General election. Some have been seen moving across their political backyard trying to help some residents in their own ways and promising to make life better for them if elected in those various positions. ​Even as all these leaders are trying their level best to be the voters favorite choice there is a group of politicians who have decided to do it the simple way, they have decided to consult witch doctors.Some politicians in the country have been reported to seeking the services of witch doctors from Tanzania to win in the August polls. Malindi based clergy claims that witch doctors have arrived in the country from Tanzania for purposes of assisting politicians to closely scheme to overwhelm the electorate through the use of magic and sorcery to ascend to power.Bishop Thomas Kakala of the Jesus Celebration Centre (JCC) said that some Kenyan politicians are working day and night to win elections that is why they have invited witch doctors from the neighboring country so that they can confuse voters to vote for them and get fame.“Many politicians are turning to the witch doctors to get to fame.I'm told witch doctors have arrived in the country from Tanzania for purposes of giving politicians divine powers in exchange for money.So Kenyans be warned against feasting on food prepared by politicians since it might have been bewitched with the intent confusing you during the voting day,” said Kakala.The clergymen also said that politicians who will use witch doctors to win in the forthcoming General Election will lose this time and their families will be confused.The vocal clergy said some politicians are now paying millions of shillings to get charms from witch doctors instead of seeking divine intervention to win the elections.A large number of the politicians have mastered the art of seducing the public to vote them using magic to rise to power in many African countries including Kenya. These leaders have a story of sorcery surrounding them. 

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