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ODM Governor's famous 'slip of the tongue' during NASA's Kisii rally
By Joseph Sosi | Updated May 18, 2017 at 10:46 EAT
NASA principals during a rally

Nyamira County Governor John Nyangarama has been trending after the NASA Kisii rally on Wednesday for challenges he encountered during his public address to the youth.

During the rally, Mr Nyangarama sent the mammoth crowd into laughter as he could not pronounce a popular phrase used by Opposition supporters.

When he stood to speak, Nyangarama said ‘Bichana Tiggim’ instead of the rightful ‘Vijana Tibim’, a familiar slogan that lifts audiences whenever introduced by a speaker.

He has been termed as synonymous with lingual mistakes as he had earlier last year faced a similar encounter with his audiences when in his address, he said ‘Monto Momoja’ for ‘mtu mmoja’ during his party leader’s rally in Nyamira County.

Nyangarama however continued with his speeches unshaken by giggles from the masses and could not be daunted at any time given the hitches. Some of his supporters bashed him while others sympathised, urging his handlers to prepare him well on key phrases that move crowds as would have been the case yesterday only if he used them appropriately.

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