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Mixed reactions as police officers execute two suspected criminals publicly
By Paul Baraza | Updated Apr 01, 2017 at 14:38 EAT
 A video circulating on social media showing police officers executing two suspected criminals publicly in Eastleigh has raised missed reaction of Kenyan. ​The police are seen shooting the suspects while they are lying on the ground and killing them instantly. Some have hailed the police for a good work they have done saying that the suspected robbers go on killing innocent people without really minding. “Good job by the cops, those thugs called "Superpowers" used to kill innocent people in a broad daylight. I am one of the victims they robbed I was lucky to be alive when they stabbed me in the back in 2015 just to steal my smartphone. Since that, I stopped to take my phone whenever I am going outside from 7 PM. They were even arrested many times and their parents bribe the officers to release them and I believe this is the best way to deal with armed robbers,” said Abdinasir Naale  “Thank you, kenya police! this job well done they should be killed in public as they have turned to steal to public hope the officers will be prompted. We lost two police officers in kayole from same gang. ...keep it up!asiyefunzwa na mamaye hufunzwa na ulimwengu,’’ said Peter KamwaroOthers condemned the police for killing the suspected gangsters in broad daylight saying that they should have left the law to take its course. “ There is a Justice system for a reason. If the so called criminals did not threaten to kill anyone with a deadly weapon, they should have been arrested and prosecuted unless the police have something to hide. We don't live in a jungle country,” said Sam Chiira “They will pay for this blood or their children in one way or another will pay.God deal with this holy than thou cop's,” said Peter G Kang'etheMeanwhile, IPOA has dispatched a team of investigators in Eastleigh to investigate the incident.

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