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Is Sonko fit to govern Nairobi?
By Kennedy Odero | Updated Mar 20, 2017 at 13:26 EAT
Mike Mbuvi Sonko is a big deal, that Nairobi cannot ignore him is something we all have to contend with. But how practical is it that we can hand over the city to Sonko? ​Many of us will confuse philanthropy with leadership. True, Sonko is a philanthropist. That is where it all begins and ends.Nairobi is a big deal, a serious metropolis - not only in Kenya but globally. The question each right thinking Kenyan should be asking is if Mike Mbuvi can deliver the city to the next level.But how do we Judge Mike Mbuvi, away from philanthropy? With his tenure as a Member of Parliament and now as senator for Nairobi. Leadership cannot be defined by Philanthropy but by foundations that outlast your tenure. For a while, we have forgotten to ask these questions of Sonko.What has he done as a leader that will outlive him, even when MP for Makadara, is there any notable development he initiated that continues to touch the lives of residents of Makadara? Mike Mbuvi Sonko is to the poor in Nairobi what Pablo Emilio Escoba was to poor Colombians in Medellin. For that reason, we are happy that he continues to touch the lives of the poor through handouts.Sonko does not need a political seat to give people free water. He can do it as an ordinary citizen. If anything, he is the Senator and should be the one explaining to people why they don't have water yet they pay taxes. Isn’t that the work of a Senator, to check up on the excess of the governor and bringing them to his attention?People have argued that populists in recent times have had an opportunity to shake the world order. From Brexit crusader Nigel Farage to Donald Trump’s election, thus we are made to believe that Sonko falls right in this category.The question we must interrogate is whether Sonko is fighting for the poor, as he wants us to believe or his own selfish personal gains. But this is a question that Sonko himself will not answer, every time Sonko is put to task to elaborate his plan for the City, he digresses and turns the interview into a spectacle. He has perfected this art.That we are not going to write Sonko off the Nairobi race is a fact. But with his questionable academic qualifications, we hope the courts will deal his aspirations a blow. If the court does not stop Mike Mbuvi, then we are granted another five years of drama and lawlessness.

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