Kenyans to suffer as county executives quit offices to join politics

This is the first set of county governments working under the devolved Government and their operations have been running well so far since the offices in the counties have been up and running serving Kenyans.

As we near the August polls many county officers are quitting because of their political ambitions. Many of those quitting are county executive members such as ministers, chief officers, and county directors together with political appointees of governors.

 For now, we may not see what is happening in the background of our county government administrations as these officers lure Kenyans to join in their political rallies but for sure there is a problem.

This has made the focus be made on political campaigns rather than delivery of services to the people. The county governments are left with gaps in crucial departments following these resignations leaving behind the main challenge, ensuring that county operations are not interfered with.

With only five months remaining to the polls I believe governors are facing a hard task but, already some governors have appointed officials and deputies to take up positions left by the county executives saying the crucial decision was to avert halting of operations.

In some cases, it is true that other executives are holding more than one office. Getting new officers for the positions in this short time will require a vetting team which is hard to put up because many are focussed on the on-going campaigns for re-election and eventually loss of funds. Such opportunities may cause the looting of funds from county governments.

The governors may try very hard for Kenyans not to notice because they want to have the trust of Kenyans but surely the problem is there.

This presents a scenario where eventually smooth county operations will eventually halt and service delivery to Kenyans fail.

This is because the time is too short for such operations to take place and introduction of new workers to the county to blend in.

 It is also impossible for one executive to look over the operations of two offices with the devolved government where there is so much work and Kenyans expecting better services.

Many have resigned in the counties and we expect more to resign just with the agenda that they would like to lead Kenyans in parliament. I believe the new workers will ensure that they blend in and continue the smooth operations.

Under the new constitution the devolved governments promised better service delivery would be brought close to Kenyans but with this high rate of county executive resigning because they are eyeing elective seats, everything is affected.

 The governors should reduce the pressure on campaigns for re-election and call in their county assemblies to tackle this issue. If it is not handled right now it’s us Kenyans who will suffer in these few months remaining before elections.