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How to beat the valentine loneliness
By Nancy Kemuma | Updated Feb 13, 2017 at 12:14 EAT
The city is painted red for the past two weeks now. Maybe you are recovering from a terrible heartbreak after being dumped and your dearest friend is now riding on your title.
You are an Ex. A plain Ex. Do not worry, not everyone has AIDs on December 1st. Stay calm and soldier on.Here is a guide on how to beat the valentine loneliness;Let your morning start with a prayer, thank the Almighty for waking you up, speak positively on matters concerning your life. Thank him that you are not dead, it is only a heartbreak and you will soon overcome it. Tell God what you want, do you want to practice celibacy or you want him to bring someone to your life again? Tell Jesus everything.Avoid the urge to text your ex. An ex is an ex. Period. Your fat fingers would be pressuring you to text him/her but resist the feeling. Break into a hymn you love, it would be a soothing Bongo love song. Listen to the song with no feelings attached. Do not wear a red cloth, anything red. Your friends will automatically tell that you are seeing someone. Leave the plastic flowers to the newbies in love. Hun, you are still nursing a terrible heartbreak. Go to work as normal and do your 'thing'. No one will notice your loneliness. Keep a smile on your face. A wrinkly face will only spell misery and desperation. Fake a smile till you own it.Do not stop at any shop oeeh stand to ask the price of flowers and other reddish stuff. those things are overpriced yet you have no one to present to. If your friend asks you out that they are going out to dinner with their boyfriend or girlfriend, please do not accompany them, you will only be frustrated. Just go back to your cubicle and hug your duvet. And voila, the day is gone, just like that.

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