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Seven things a lady must have
By Nancy Kemuma | Updated Feb 13, 2017 at 09:29 EAT
1. A nice lipstick. Talk of wanting to add some form to your already cute smile and an amazing set of dental formula, a nice lipstick, forget branded lipstick, an average 'mwitu' lipstick can bring out the best in you. Hint; you can find amazing varieties at Dubois. 2. A great corset. Talk of that magic waistline! You can achieve it in a snap with a great corset. Again it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg to get one. ​Corsets are good in bringing out that coveted waistline you've ever wanted. You can be what you want girl! Get a corset and rock that waistline hun. Hint; talk to me nicely. 3. A best friend is bae. Her opinion should count all the time. You need someone to assure you that the little dress you're wearing is perfect for a date. Hey! You need her, trust me. You need her opinion on the guy you're dating. Is he tall enough! Handsome enough! Hello! 4. A good pair of heels and a dress we all have that one event where you need to rock, regardless. A well-fitting long black dress comes handy. And a pair of high heels.Flat shoes are too normal and too flat. Get your glam on and wakilisha the event. 5. A matching kitenge outfit A kitenge dress is a must have. An abrupt visit upcountry might come up, or church wear, or anything. Kitenge clothing is the in thing right now. Kitenge can be customized to suit any occasion, name it, it can be anything you want, from jumpsuits, rompers, skirt suits and dresses. 6. A push-up bra Do you need some good magic to your already sagged boobs? A push-up bra comes in handy. It performs the magic of putting your 'twin towers' in place thus making 'team mafisi' breaking their necks on your cleavage. Your boobs should be your stronghold, discover a wide range of bras and get your 'mojo' on. 7. A thong I'm not the evil one here. But I get disturbed when I see a lady with a killer dress in town but with panty lines drawn all over her fine ass. The hell! Get a good thong and let your ass shine.

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