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Donald Trump's son bullied by a prominent media personality in America
By Iregi Mwenja | Updated Jan 23, 2017 at 12:16 EAT
On January 20th Donald Trump became the 45th President of most powerful nation on earth. As it is the tradition, the President-elect is accompanied by his family during the inauguration. It was the case of a 10-year-old Baron Trump who accompanied his father during the inauguration. Children do not choose their parents, and that includes Barron Trump. There is a longstanding public tradition of leaving out children of presidents who are minors by the media during their coverages.Unfortunately, "Barron Trump" trended on Twitter, and many users made unkind and harsh remarks about everything from his physical appearance to his supposed attitude to speculation on whether or not he is autistic.One of the prominent personalities who posted such cruel tweet on Twitter was Katie Rich, an American comedy writer, and actor with The National Broadcasting Company (NBC). She lit Twitter ablaze after she attacked the innocent kid. She has since deleted the tweet but hashtag #Katierich has been trending since.Melania Trump had earlier on threatened to sue cyberbullies who were suggesting that her son Barron might be suffering from autism. According to her people’s medical diagnosis is private and should not be a topic of discussing and speculation on social media.Nevertheless, it seems like cyber bullies have not stopped bullying the innocent 10-year-old boy despite the first Lady’s warning.However, Katie Rich, who immediately became the poster girl of children cyber bullying, got a dose of her own medicine. Social media went abuzz with strong condemnation and calls for her firing. Here are some of the #katierich tweets:Ashley Merritt [email protected] “Anyone that's tweeting about #BaronTrump in any manner needs to back off. He's a child. He didn't ask for this. Y'all, grow up”America Saved [email protected]“SNL writer deletes 'tasteless' tweet targeting Trump's youngest son after Twitter users demand she be fired!”Kathie VanKeuren [email protected] #NBC & #SNL need to fire writer @Katiemaryrich who has no morals, or class & thinks it's funny to bash innocent children online. #boycottSNLWhether you’re the son of Trump or Kamau, you don’t deserve to be bullied. Let the boy enjoy his privacy as he tries to find and dust his dirty toys that were last used half a century ago in the White House.That by itself is an arduous task that will keep the 10-year-old busy, rather than worrying about cyber bullies.The Author is mental health and children's rights advocate and the Founder/CEO of Psychiatric Disability Organization. He can be reached on [email protected] Website: http://www.pdokenya.org/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Psychiatricdisability/

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