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Impersonating tactics botched and makes a wife to divorce her husband
By Nelson Mandela | Updated Jan 22, 2017 at 08:55 EAT

One man in Ogalo village, Busia County has left residents in awe of shock after his impersonating tactics were botched and his newly married wife left him indefinitely.

It is alleged that John Ouma 39, has been a play boy branding himself a high class individual as often seen adorned in a black suit and a brown envelope. Each day he has been waking up early in the morning adorn in his favourite suite and his brown envelope and bid his wife, Anne Achieng goodbye and leave for work. Unknown to his wife, he is a break maker and whenever he reaches at the site he changes to rags ready to make breaks.Unfortunately, someone tipped his wife about his tactics and hatched a plan to catch him read handed. On the fateful day Ouma woke up early as usual and left for work. His wife however followed him secretly. Her worst fears were confirmed when she stumbled on his husband on the site making breaks.Upon seeing his wife, shame engraved Ouma as he fled to a nearby bush amid laughters from his colleagues who watched the melodrama in dismay.

“How foolish was I to be played as such, I can’t take any of these” his wife was heard saying.When reached for a comment his wife said that Ouma is a highly trained conman as she could not doubt his actions.Mr. Ouma has however dismissed the claims terming them baseless as he accuses his neighbors for witch hunting him.“How can I do such a thing, we had misunderstanding with my wife and we are yet to find a solution” said Ouma.His wife has since left him as he has been in plans to sent emissaries to salvage the problem.

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