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Alarm as strange disease attacks cattle in Mogotio
By Vincent Mabatuk | Updated Jan 12, 2017 at 09:06 EAT

Farmers in Mogotio have appealed for Government intervention following a strange skin disease that has hit their cattle.

The disease is causing lesions on the animals' skin and also affecting the eyes, mouth and respiratory tract.

Emanuel Chakinin, a veterinary officer from Eldama Ravine, described the condition as lumpy skin disease.

He said the disease, which is caused by a virus, can be severe and weakens the affected animals.

The vet, who has been operating on animals affected by the disease, urged farmers to report the cases early to save their livestock from death.

In Kiptoim on Saturday, Mr Chakinin operated on three calves with severe wounds caused by the disease.

Eric Ayabei, a farmer, said one calf could not see after strange growths covered its head completely.

"For the last one year, the calf has had to be guided to its mother, grass and water. This is a very bad disease. Part of the animal's head appears to be rotting because of the wounds," he said yesterday.

Now residents are asking the national government to send more vets to the region to deal with the disease and help them avoid losses.

Chakinin is the only vet available to perform animal surgery in the area.

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