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Does God know you are married?
By Musau Joshua | Updated Nov 13, 2016 at 08:36 EAT

A story is told of a lady who despite having a disastrous life got saved and moved to a new church far from her original home place. She joined a new church and began her service to God. Years passed and when the time for her to get married, no signs of any possible suitor were seen. The pastor of the new church, noted this and after days turning to months still in prayer, he had to go for days of fasting and prayer and seek Gods intervention of the matter.

Just as he was about to complete his fasting period, the answer finally came. God through a vision passed the message to the pastor which was rather shocking. According to heavenly records, the lady appeared to be married. Very shocking, right?

The pastor soon passed the information to the lady who confessed to him that, before she got saved, she had made out with various people. It then appeared that her past was still connected to her. The past was dominating in her new life.

This brings me to the idea that either our past or our current ways which we might be living maybe different from what God’s intentions truly are. Is God aware that you are dating or married to someone? (I truly had to use this as my topic for the essay. Am pretty sure the answer is far much surprising). Does he know that you are looking for a job? Well, you are a student, right, does He know that you need wisdom and knowledge? Have you informed Him of the scholarship you applied last week and you are hoping for the best? You are missing school fees and are stranded on what to do, is God aware?

We might be living completely different from what God expects of us. I attribute this to the lack of coordination between us and God. We are fast to doing what we want even before seeking His rightful view. The phrase ‘put God first’ seems to no longer apply. We no longer submit our plans to God. Though we pray, we assume that God know whatever our plans are and shall guide us through.

What would you feel if you went to heaven today and God shows you the kind of life that you would have lived while you were on earth. Would that have been the same kind of life that you are living today?

What is God’s plan for your life? This brings us to a new issue. The Bible clearly states that there is a way that seems so right to man but in the end, it really ends to destruction. If you want to know how a car works, see the manufacturer. The manual can come in handy as well. If you want to know what your ideal purpose in life is, you have to seek God and let Him direct you. The Bible, being the manual to the complete ways which man should live to, should be your key guide.

Remain strong in prayer and be constantly seeking Gods ideal purpose for your life. The Bible says, trust in God and do not lean on your own understanding. At each moment, let God be part and parcel of your plans.

Sometimes we tend to take it for granted when all things work well nothing seems to be of trouble. Well, at such times, I bet we need God the more. Let us strive to seek Gods guidance at all times and let the Holy Spirit guide us in all our undertakings.

Let His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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