Relationship Crisis-Transgender Love

Every year a growing number of people find courage to come out as transgender. Finding love as a transgender is as difficult as ever as existing relationships crack under the strain, most families break apart.

To love and be loved as your true self is the full realization of the dreams of those who are Transgender. As those who are Transgender know very well, the challenges and joys of transition involved in realizing a lifelong dream are incomparable to most any of the high points in life. The sense of contentment, satisfaction and profound elation in finding your true self is monumental. What is even better is being able to put into practice what you had only dreamed of in your most private thoughts, when you finally begin to live life to the fullest extent possible in your true gender.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of living a complete life is to love and to be loved, something largely taken for granted by the non-transgender population. Finding love for this particular group is an uphill task. They struggle with their own identity; being trapped in someone else’s skin to start with. The other difficult is the impact it has on families and relationships. It always comes as a dramatic shock when a woman/man reveals the need to change gender. The usual reactions, fear, anger and rejection can send relationships in turmoil.

Transgender persons in the midst of transition, as well as after transition, begin to see the difficulties that life presents in living as a transman or transwoman. The potential loss of family, friends, and even acquaintances seem insurmountable. Finding a partner who will accept and love you without reservation, adore and cherish you, and treat you the way you had always dreamed of, can seem to be a desire destined to remain unfulfilled. Enjoying life with someone special — and, if you’re lucky enough, with someone you love and who loves you is what makes life worth living. This can be felt viscerally by transgender persons who were already denied so much in life prior to transition.

There are deep-rooted issues in our society today of some men being attracted to Trans women. However, trangender women continue to be mis-gendered and misrepresented as “men in dresses”. Many straight men continue to think their attraction to transgender women means they’re gay. But in reality, people are attracted to a person before they even know what genitalia they have. I hope in time the xenophobic shame that is thrown towards transgender people will be defeated for sure they do not have a mental disorder. Allow them to Find Love and express it openly!