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New Chief Justice needs us all to fight graft

Last week, Kenya ushered in the new President of the Supreme Court and chairman of the Judicial Service Commission, Chief Justice David Maraga.

Everyone, including the President, expressed the hope that Mr. Maraga will be energetic and sophisticated enough to fight corruption to the bitter end, not only in the Judiciary but also the entire nation; to see the ‘big fish’ behind bars for their misdeeds.

But it is worth noting that in the history of our country since independence; no ‘big fish’ have ever been captured or jailed for graft.

As a matter of fact, the rate at which corruption has eaten our morals is alarming - to the extent that the President was quoted saying, “Corruption is the issue that has frustrated me the most.”

Indeed, he was even quoted some time ago admitting that corruption had taken root in the country, including in State House.

So what action has been taken at State House? That would have been the perfect place to begin uprooting corruption.

Former Kenya Airports Authority chairman, David Kimaiyo, has also been quoted saying, “Public resources are being looted like never before at KAA, looting is done day and night...”

Meanwhile, the country’s wage bill is ballooning because borrowed money is being siphoned into people’s pockets. Indeed, corruption is a culture we have nurtured and cheered on, and it is now threatening to destroy us.

Even as we express hope that Justice Maraga will fight corruption, we should know that corruption is not a one-man war; it needs all hands together fighting in unison.