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Why sponsor craze is equal to prostitution
By Leonard Otieno | Updated Oct 23, 2016 at 08:28 EAT

Just what is this "sponsor" thing? What derives it? The benefits accrued? Is there any difference with commercial sex work? Oduor Otieno takes a look at this sensitive topic that is making most ladies lose their brains and sacrifice their bottles.

Sponsor I can best define as that person with the financial clout to support a vulnerable person of interest mostly in exchange of sexual favours.

I'm against this belief perfected by men and dependent by ladies. My reservations relate to;

1. Promoting laziness; most ladies these days are not keen on hard work, self-growth and self-reliance. The sponsor nonsense is breeding leeches that are adept at swinging their shapeless waists and investing in beauty to attract the target. Dear lady is there a difference between you and that sex worker in the streets?

2. Moral decay; my research reveal that most men will only agree to be a "sponsor" in exchange of sexual favours. Shockingly most of the beautiful ladies don't mind going to bed with such a guy even on the first encounter. Where is sexual purity going? Are you this cheap to be used as a rag for cash? Is there a difference between you and that sex worker in Koinange?

3. Gender abuse; my engagement with men best in this casts a dark cloud on our ladies. They discuss their network so cheaply without regards. Some of the terms are; that orphan of mine, yule bamba 2000/, fala wa guarana, duster wangu, pumping bag all these derogatory terms show how cheaply men take you just like they view the sex workers. Are you different from that sex worker in Octopus?

4. Financial slavery; men are these days sharp. They have been played that they have resorted to buying your "bottle" without attachment of feelings. This explains why he would spend over 40ks on you over the weekend on hotel, tour, food, drinks in great hotels and only give you at most 10ks as goodbye after dropping you. This is done to avoid giving you capital to start good life just like the CSW is paid peanuts. Is there a difference between you and that sex worker in Casablanca?

5. "Market rivalry"; male sponsors are looking for succulent ladies, with protruding tuzos and smooth textures. After 25years dear ladies your market value begins depreciating and the sponsors begin shifting attention to the younger ladies. This promotes conflicts between you and the smaller girls in the neighbourhood. This explains why your younger friend stole your man after introduction and war begins just like older CSWs fight with younger ones in the bars. Is there a difference between you and that CSW in Salgaa?

6. Nothing to show for; take a look at that lady in the neighbourhood adept at team sponsor. Does she have any evidence of downward thrusts other than her outlook? A majority No! Reason being your sponsors gives you little for rent, food and clothes

7. Phonebook search; Friday is approaching and you are mpangoless. You head to your phonebook to scroll names for potential weekend donor then you initiate a chat just like the CSW dresses provocatively and positions herself in that bar or street. Is there a difference between you and that sex worker in Nalongo?

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This sponsor craze making our ladies run mad is a vice that must be addressed. Hard work to earn your cash promotes self-respect not hard cries to get money. Nice CV attracts jobs while nice prostitution intended outlook attracts suffering of your body. Allowing men of all straws dip their marauding straws in your bottle to drink the now contaminated juice is the biggest height of moral decadence. Thank you for your feedback and suggestion on topics.

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