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Ladies, stop posting pictures of your behind on social media to seek a man’s approval
By Nelson Mandela | Updated Aug 22, 2016 at 16:55 EAT

I am going through my Facebook profile to check on latest updates (news feeds and posts), abruptly my eyes are stuck on seeing a photo of a woman well endowed (blessed). She has a curvaceous body courtesy of her booty. Her light skin complexion makes her an irresistible woman that any man should crave for.

The trend of women posting pictures revealing their behind is leading on our social media sites as they fight to snatch a man's attention as men are always swayed by what they see.

Some I tend to agree they have whatever they tend to show but some have "nothing" to show but will struggle with skinny dresses and with the help of photo-editing applications to suit their interests. The worst is to post those pictures with hope of receiving many likes and comments and receive the reverse. Some have confessed that the lesser the comments the more stressful they become and hate social media. Some even become suicidal.

Funny enough no man is interested in what women purport to expose because every man has his version of what beauty is. Women should not be victims and slavery of social media because what is idolized in social media societies doesn't occur in real world situation. In case it happens it is only for a few.

It is also worth noting that men may be impressed with when they see you posting your funny pictures. However, you will only be taken as a trophy woman who can only last for few days satisfying his sexual pleasures after which he will vanish in thin air and move to strategize for the next victim. How many women are beautiful but do not advertise their beauty on social media so that the whole world can see? Why do we trust the social media too much that we seek social approval for our beauty?

A woman's beauty is not perceived from her physical attributes but rather her inner beauty that shall be defined by her actions and how she carries on with the world. The moment you're struggling to post pictures on social media to show the world how beautiful you're there is a woman somewhere, more beautiful than you, satisfied and does not require social media approval.

It is high time women should tame this vice and instead use social media platforms as an economic hub to create employment and help our societies to grow.

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