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Meet the gorgeous Kofii Olomide’s daughter
By Julian Kamau | Updated Jul 29, 2016 at 17:24 EAT

With all the drama that has surrounded Legendary Koffi Olomide’s life in the recent 2 weeks, here is a brighter side from one of his offsprings.

Meet 16-year-old Didi-Stone Olomide, daughter to legendary congolese musician Kofi Olomide.

At a young age, Didi is a fashionista based in Paris and lately she has become a social media sensation in France due to her unique hair transformation pictures on Instagram.

The teenager was featured by Vogue Magazine early this year due to her unconventional style and the high following she has on Instagram.

Didi has over 61,000 followers on IG, a fan base that many companies can only wish to reach.

Her selfies have had many grammers liking her photos which she uploads on a weekly basis with a unique style altogether.

And just like the rising natural hair movement in Kenya, Didi’s favourite hair style is Bantu knots which she says are “fresh, original and super pretty.”

She aspires to be a fashion designer.

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