Residents shocked after cow found dead with missing private parts

Residents of Sogoet village in Bomet Central Sub County in Bomet County are in shock after a cow was found dead with what they say are cuts from a sharp object to the private parts of the cow administered by unknown assailant(s).

The dead cow belonged to Mr. Amos Kirui a resident of the village who said the discovery shocked him and left him with no words to describe the act which could only be done by either a maniac or an evil person.

“When I woke up in the morning my relatives told me that my cow had died, unfortunately it was from unnatural causes and on further investigations we found that the cow had injuries on her private parts and we thought it was caused by marauding dogs gone wild but later found that it had been cut with a sharp object,” a shocked Mr. Kirui said.

Mrs. Kirui who said she had gone to the cattle boma to milk the cow but was shocked to find the cow dead and was not sympathetic to whoever the culprit was.

 “I don’t know what should be done to the culprit because the act is really unbelievably beyond words and what kind of a person cuts away private parts of a cow?” an angry Mrs. Kirui posed shyly.

Other residents who were interviewed could only point at demonic works for the culprit’s act and are at a loss for what intervention to pursue.

Mr. Thomas Mutai a village elder said that such a person is an outcast in the society and was up to no good at all and should be dealt with firmly if arrested. However, if he cannot be apprehended easily other methods have to work.

“It would be difficult to aprrehend such a person because they work when everyone is sound asleep and how can one keep waiting for such a person who is evil minded and against development. What the society can do is administer a curse if the culprit does not reveal himself, ask for forgiveness and pay for the damages caused.” He said, adding that curses have always been effective on such people.

“We have been hearing of such acts in our neighbouring villages but we have never seen it here and because we don’t want this to continue I would reccommend that we curse them. Let the culprit(s) eat grass or any other humiliating experience for we are tired,” said one of the anonymous resident.