Standard digital visits Moi University for the first campus talks on digital media

The Standard digital team took to Moi university main campus for the first edition of campus talks on April 5th 2015. The team comprised of three ambassadors, Mathew Shahi, Njambi Mungai and Julian Kamau.

The Standard Digital team arrived at Moi University Main Campus at around 1 pm, in preparation for the 3 hour talk/ interaction that was scheduled to start at 2:00PM, at the School of Information Sciences. They received a warm welcome from the acting Head of Department, Mr. Buigut, alongside the Moi University ambassador Janet Machuka.

The team visited the student Radio station, MU FM where Julian Kamau went on air to give advice to aspiring journalists on how to get a job in the media industry.

The talk begun at 2pm and was opened with a welcome speech from Janet Machuka, who shared her experience as an intern at Standard Digital with the rest of the students. She managed to encourage her classmates and colleagues to take to writing for the online platform, and build their careers at a young age. Through her talk, we managed to create awareness on the internship platforms offered by SDE, judging from the fact that Moi bonafides had clinched positions during their holidays. Such include Robert Abong’o and Machuka Janet. The students were inspired and had the zeal to write more, through her testimonials.

Njambi Mungai then came in next, with a short talk on “Digital Media”, where she shared the different aspects of digital media, particularly in journalism as a career. Through her talk, students were able to know the frequency of Internet usage by different age groups, including ways of attracting traffic to websites, how to pull audiences into interacting with a post/ article, among many others. She managed to spark off a hot question-answer session from the students, who were fascinated by the different ways to pull traffic to websites. She awarded students who asked good questions with SDE and Campus Vibe t-shirts.

Julian Kamau touched on the platforms offered by Standard Digital; Campus Vibe, U- Report, Eve Woman, SDE and others. She created awareness on what each of the platforms deals with, highlighting Campus Vibe’s bias for campus stories mainly. She also shed light on the U- Report platform, which she emphasized was a platform for citizen journalism, where people could publish their own stories. Her talk was challenging and had a great impact on the students. Through her awareness on U- Report, various Moi University students started publishing their articles online. Namely; Eddy Ashioya, Wycliffe Nyamasege, Emmanuel Yegon and Janet Machuka.

Finally, Matthew Shahi came in with his talk on the technical side of online journalism; programming. He delivered a talk on the various platforms of getting instant updates via email, including the SMS Alerts service offered by Standard Digital. His session was interactive, since the IT students in attendance wanted to know how they could partner with Standard In building applications and programs that could work as alert services. Also, he spoke about ways in which writers could use so as to attract readers to their blogs and websites. He highlighted the use of bulleted lists, i.e. the “7 reasons to date a campus girl” style of writing. Shahi encouraged more and more students to subscribe to the alert service by SDE.

The talk proved fruitful, creating awareness on the different avenues of SDE, again offering interactivity through questions, tweets and the t-shirt giveaways. Students were also able to take pictures, which they were encouraged to upload on social media using the #CampusTalk. Twitter marks as evidence of those pictures. The team left the school at 6:00 pm, after having refreshments with the leturers in attendance, together with the acting Dean, Dr. Duncan Omanga

The Moi University campus talks saw about 250-300 students in attendance and five information science lectures present.