Kenyan interviews favour males

I followed four different interviews of two ladies and two men on different occasions.

I found out that what men are asked is totally different from what women are asked.

There are the usual stereotype questions meant to humiliate women and also to show them that their place is in the kitchen.

The questions posed to women include; how did you meet your spouse? (Is it a must for the lady to be married?)

Do you find time to cook for your husband? (Can’t there be an arrangement between a husband and a wife for the man to enter the kitchen too?)

How do you juggle between family and your career? (As if being married is a curse).

Men are asked good questions like; what time they leave work, their football teams, their values, their inspirations, passion, and photos of those who inspire them etc.

Is it bad for a woman to be in a leadership position? Must she be married? When men are asked questions, the issue of marriage does not necessary crop up unlike women. Let interviewers in Kenya respect women and know that women can be leaders regardless of their marital statuses.