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Only ideologies, not alliances built on quick sand will take Kenya forward
By Mutoka Douglas Lipuku | Updated Jan 10, 2016 at 09:01 EAT

The New Year is finally here and you can be rest assured that political activities are bound to go a notch higher because the next General Election is fast approaching.

The country will be going to the ballot box mid next year. My fear, however, is that the usual political scavengers have started re-branding.

The same people we voted for and have never done anything tangible in their areas of jurisdiction are now busy looking for ways and means to woo voters ahead of the next General Election.

Some are now switching and hopping from one political party to the other to disguise themselves as Godsend angels when all along they have been the same hyenas that have preyed on us for last three years.

Let it be known that changing the name of political parties can never, will never and has never united a nation. Seeking alliances with selfish interests also never helps. What unites people is and remains good and well-thought ideologies that represent and respect the will of the Kenyan people.

The question we need to ask ourselves as we listen to politicians re-branding, forming alliances, hoping and jumping from one political party to a new one is what they have done to better our lives. They are the same people who spent hefty amounts of public money on foreign trips, some of them engaged in dubious land deals and encouraged and shielded those who stole our money and promised us jobs that are not forthcoming.

Political leaders who make empty promises should be shown the door irrespective of their tribal or party affiliations.

The second group of political scavengers are those who have been camping in the rural areas with shoddy projects like sponsorship of football tournaments.

They have tried yes but we need concrete development not just cosmetic things meant to win them popular support.

The other group of scavenger is made up of people who want to use their plum jobs to woo the electorate to back them.

There is a perception that when one lands a plum post, his community enjoys. The truth is only individuals are appointed and not communities. Those in various positions accumulate wealth for themselves and their families and not the communities.

This time round, lets elect people who have our interests at heart.

{Mutoka Douglas Lipuku}

The General Election is fast approaching and the campaign mood is fast enveloping the country.

The election will once again give Kenyans the opportunity to retain or kick out the incumbents and to elect new ones all together.

This time, I appeal to Kenyans to go for ability and not affiliations. How does it help electing an incompetent leader just because he belongs to your preferred political party? This year, we must do things differently. Let's correct all the mistakes we may have made in 2013 because we have a future to take care of as a third world country.

By electing good leaders, you directly put the future of the country in safe hands devoid of selfish agenda. Let's build Kenya together.

{Victor Odula}

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