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MCAs Dubai trip waste of taxpayers’ cash
By Simon | Updated Sep 25, 2015 at 08:44 EAT

The assertion by the Migori County assembly speaker that a trip by members to Dubai is necessary, is fallacious.

Spending a whopping Sh6 million for the members of county assembly (MCAs) to go for a learning mission on waste management, shows the leaders lack priority. It is clear there is poor insight in matters that touch on public resource utilisation.

The perplexity of the matter is seen when the speaker chides those who question the idea and dismisses them by telling them to “stop politicising the tour”.

The idea of learning may be noble, but the means of attaining the knowledge is devoid of proper economic planning. To cut on cost - if it is necessary that they get this information from Dubai - the organisers of such a trip should send only two of their members on a fact-finding mission.

The rest of the money can be set aside for the implementation of the plan. And who said Kenya lacks professionals who can impart knowledge on waste management?

Just recently, we learnt that Egerton University has mounted a waste management plant to recycle plastic materials into usable petrol through their vibrant team of researchers.

The MCAs should visit such institutions to learn more at a cheaper cost as compared to travelling to Dubai.

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