OPINION: Covid-19 has made us reflect on who we really are

By LIZZY OGOT | Tuesday, Jul 28th 2020 at 15:14
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Ever since the first Covid-19 case was recorded in March, life has taken a drastic turn and there are some habits that we have bid goodbye since then.

The usual handshaking that has always been a norm especially in many African countries is slowly being done away with. As a matter of fact, I think infectious diseases such as common cold have been adequately controlled since coronavirus knocked on our doors and forced its way inside even though we never wanted to open.

A lot of activities that we enjoy were put to a halt. Despite that, of course, some have still been going undercover to enjoy these short-lived pleasures of life. Have you thought about this? That these pleasures of life are a result of brainwashing we receive through media, entertainment and even friends?

They in fact have nothing to do with a ‘Truly Human Life’. Many of us were living a life we couldn’t afford in the name of fitting in and being a member of the ‘club’.

This virus has given us an opportunity to reflect on life and who we really are. It has taught us what true pleasures and qualities are.

The pandemic is continuously bringing fear and panic as days go by, with increasing cases and still no real discovery of a vaccine or a remedy.

Just the other day, the President opened the economy as we all wanted. But we should not blindly run back to the life we had before.

Use this opportunity to search for and find out true existence through your relationship with other people. As a country, we might be on the verge of fighting a second wave.

Nobody knows how far this socio-economic crisis will continue changing our lives.

We need to redefine what a ‘normal life’ means by searching for new values and definitions. It is a one-time opportunity to remake the society, for you, and build a better future.

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